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We love to shoot pictures & video of our clients having a great day on the water. For some, its their first big fish or saltwater fish. And for others, it may be their first time on the ocean. The clips below are a sample of what takes place aboard our charter boat, C-Devil II. You will see Striped Bass to 50lbs., Blues and Fluke over 10lbs., and sharks,  like the high-flying Mako, or the run-deep-and-tough Thresher. We will also battle Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna, offshore.  The occasional Albacore or Mahi Mahi.   Let’s not forget those tasty Tautog (Blackfish), Sea Bass and Scup. Oh…yes…and the Cod, they are making a come back in our area!  So check out the fish and the fun in the pics below. Click on the YouTube link, below, for video action.  Who knows, maybe your trip will be added next!

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C-Devil II Striped Bass



“As good as it gets (and maybe a bit better) ….”

Reviewed September 25, 2015

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